'Tellick Experience' preview program

'Tellick Experience' preview program
Photo by Zulian Firmansyah / Unsplash

Today we are opening up Tellick Experience, our platform to create, view and share virtual reality experiences, in a public preview program. This way you can get early access and try it out for yourself. All we ask in return is your valuable feedback, which is vital for continuous improvement of the platform. Opening up the preview program is the first step towards general availability of the platform. The transition from a closed private platform to a public preview is a big step for Tellick, but we are very excited to share the platform!

If you're already interested and you're time is limited? The TL;DR-route is to skip to "How to apply".

What is Tellick Experience?

Tellick Experience makes it easy to create, view and share virtual reality experiences, without every leaving the web, utilizing the full potential of modern web standards like WebXR. You might be familiar with a content management system for your website. Well, Tellick Experience is exactly that, but for virtual reality. This way, you can enable this next generation medium for your business without needing extensive technical knowledge and with significantly lower cost. Create a virtual showcase of your product. Give people a tour of your office, store or kitchen. Engage people by showing them the future of your city. Train people better with the immersive qualities of VR and stereoscopic video. The possibilities are close to endless.

The platform features an editor, in which you create the virtual experiences, and a player, in which you view those experiences. All you need is a WebXR-compliant Virtual Reality headset, like the Oculus Quest 2 or any PCVR-headset. Sharing those virtual experiences with others is as easy as sharing a YouTube video. You just share the link to the Experience and anyone can view the result.

First achievement

About a year and a half ago we started development, knowing fully well that to realize the complete vision, we needed way more time than that. Developing a completely new software product, while surfing the Gartner hype curve, is not an easy task. Especially for a small company like Tellick. That's why we set out goals to get to a minimum viable product before the end of 2021. This made us choose between features that really matter for now, versus features we'd like in the future, but are not fundamental enough that we couldn't live without them. That not to say those features won't arrive anytime soon. We are hard at work adding new capabilities every week. We have a small development cycle, meaning you can expect new features and improvements week by week. You'll be updated every month like we did with our latest development update, here on this blog.

How to apply

You can apply to the preview program by creating an account on https://experience.tellick.com and then send an email from the registered email address to previewprogram@tellick.com. Please include if you're a company or individual, what you'd like to do with Tellick Experience and what assistance you need to get going. Please note that for now the number of spots is limited. We'll evaluate how things are going on a daily basis and access is granted in the same order as we recieved the applications.

If you're not sure yet or you want to know more about Tellick Experience, send us an email. Subscribe to this blog if you want to recieve updates in the future.