Development update 202203

Development update 202203
Photo by Jackson So / Unsplash

Starting with this post we will update you on the development of the Tellick Experience stack in the past weeks. Ordinarily this update will be something we do every month. But if development is moving faster, we might update you more.


  1. Multilingual support. Tellick Experience was build using English as the main language. With the addition of multilingual support, users can expect Tellick Experience in their own language. Non signed in users will fall back on the browsers configured navigator language, signed in users will see the language set in their Tellick Account profile.
  2. Subscriptions. We set the ground work for paid subscriptions. Tellick Experience is currently in closed preview mode, meaning that everyone who gets access, has access to all features in full for this limited time. But starting Q2, we will start to enable new users to register and use Tellick Experience for free with limitations and fully via a subscription. Current users who are member of the preview program will remain free until at least 1st of July 2022 and will receive a limited time offer with reduced pricing after the preview program stops.
  3. Preloading of journeys has moved from after clicking the play button, to loading the page itself. A loading indicator is added to signal activity and when loading is done, the play- and the immersive mode buttons become enabled. When you click play, the journey is started faster as everything is already available in memory. This change does not change the preload strategy. Users should still be aware that all assets are loaded at the same time, which means that big journeys require a larger loading time, especially on slower internet connections. A plan to optimize this is already underway and should be available Q3 this year.
  4. We changed the way the client authenticates users. This loosens the connection with the Tellick Experience cloud, making the front-end a fully stand alone client of Tellick Account. There's a small impact for logged in users, as they are automatically logged out. The change improves the signed in experience dramatically, such as fewer log outs and it adds enablers for future features such as profile switching.
  5. We added a back button to the 2D fall back mode of the Tellick Experience player, allowing viewers without a VR headset to move back to the previous scene, which is kind of nice.

Bug fixes

  1. We fixed a bug where in a few specific scenarios users were unable to create a new journey.
  2. The back button in immersive mode (for VR users) sometimes did not work correctly, moving the viewer back more than one scene. This has been fixed.
  3. The stop button in immersive mode remained a stop button, even after stopping. This has been fixed. The stop button becomes a play button after clicking now.

Thanks for your increasing support. If you have any questions, remarks or tips, please use the share feedback button on the bottom of the screen in Tellick Experience. If you have an inquiry into our professional services or you're interested in getting access to the closed preview program, please send an email to