Major Scenebrook update: physics, live editor, advanced teleporting

Major Scenebrook update: physics, live editor, advanced teleporting

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest update to Scenebrook, which brings a host of new features and improvements to our virtual reality platform. With this update, users can now take advantage of physics support, a complete overhaul of the Scenebrook editor with live preview, advanced teleport options in zones and to waypoints, and improved performance and stability.

One of the most exciting additions to Scenebrook is the physics support, which allows users to create more realistic and immersive VR experiences. This means that objects can now have mass and can interact with the environment and other objects. In addition, objects can be interactive for the user, meaning you can pick up, throw and place objects.  With physics support, users can create simulations and training scenarios that require a high level of realism and interactivity. The action system recieves the collisions as events, making it possible to add interactivity to physics events.

Another major improvement is the complete overhaul of the Scenebrook editor with live preview, which provides a more intuitive and streamlined workflow for creating and editing VR scenes. Live preview allows users to see their changes in real time as they make them, greatly reducing the time and effort required to create VR content. The new editor also includes a range of new features and tools, such as improved timeline support and advanced spatial audio management.

In addition to these improvements, we have also added advanced teleport options in zones and waypoints, allowing users to create more advanced navigation systems for their VR experiences. This feature allows users to define specific zones where teleportation is allowed or not allowed, and set waypoints that can be used to guide users through the scene. Zones can also be used to detect objects or the user entering a certain area.

Finally, we've significantly improved Scenebrook's performance and stability, meaning users can now create and run more complex and demanding VR experiences without worrying about crashes or slowdowns. These improvements include optimized rendering, improved asset management, and better memory management.

In summary, Scenebrook's latest update represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide a fast, cost-effective and easy-to-use platform for creating virtual reality experiences. With new physics support, a revamped editor, advanced teleport options, and improved performance and stability, users now have even more tools and capabilities to bring their VR visions to life.

Thanks for your continued support! Head over to quickly to try out these new features today. Creating an account and creating your first VR experience is completely free.

Dennie from Tellick